Iranian Masterpieces in Louvre Museum

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The Louvre museum possesses many Iranian masterpieces that allow you to admire the history of this country. A few years after the Great French Revolution, in 1793, the government established this museum under the name “Central Museum of Art”. In the beginning, the antiquities section of the museum consisted of a few figures from the […]

Makhoonik village

Each attraction has a reason to be famous and attractive; one is the tallest waterfall in the world, one is a lake hidden among the dense forests, another one has its roots in human history and the other one is an amazing structure with unique architecture, and decorations that make everyone admire and wonder. Based […]

Silk Road in Iran

Ancient roads connected peoples and civilizations over the centuries  and also lead to the spread of ideas and exchange of products. The Silk Roads as the fabulous crossroads of civilizations passed through all the important cultures for two millennia. This road played an important role in propagating the religion of Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. Greek, […]


Tashkooh: The Eternal Fire in Zagros Mountains   Have you heard anything about the mountains that burn naturally? Do you know how many of these mountains there are? The most famous burning mountains are Mount Wingen in Australia, Yanar Dag in Baku and Tashkooh in Iran. Tashkooh, literally means the firing mount, is a natural […]

Iran UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are some cultural and natural sites around the world having outstanding universal value to humanity, that’s why UNESCO help protect these sites. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization believes that “Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and […]

Dress Code in Iran

What to wear during my trip to Iran?   If you heard strange facts about the compulsory Hijab in Iran, give us a few minutes to get acquainted with the details of this law and the facts. In this blog post we will try to explain what the dress code rules are in Iran. The […]

Vakil Mosque

Vakil Mosque You can find the impressive Vakil Mosque in Shiraz, southern Iran. It situated in the west of the Vakil Bazaar next to its entrance. The mosque constructed between 1751 and 1773, during the Zand dynasty. However, it was restored in the 19th century during the Qajar era. Architecture The entire structure built with […]

Katale Khor

Katale Khor, Marvelous Attraction in Western Iran When the Iranian cavers were visiting the beautiful mountains of Zanjan province 67 years ago, they didn’t even think of finding an amazing cave with beautiful crystal structures. However, there are still people who are unaware of this unique cave. Katale Khor is one of the most beautiful […]

Bike-Sharing System in Iran

“We want butterflies return to our city.” This is the slogan of the first bike sharing company in Iran; named “BDOOD”, pronounced “/bi:/ / dʊd/”, literally means “smokeless”. The company starts its work by the aim of enhancing the urban transport system and promoting a healthier lifestyle. It was founded in the central and north-west […]

Tochal Ski Resort

Location Tochal telecabin is one of the most famous ski resorts in Iran which attracts a large number of tourists both local and foreigners during winter season. This place is located at the end of Velenjak Street, 3 km from Tajrish Square in Shemiranat, Tehran. The construction of Tochal telecabin was started in cooperation with Puma, […]