Accommodation in Iran

Finding the right accommodation which fits your style of travelling is the crucial part of your trip to Iran. Despite the common belief, there are many types of hotels and local houses in this rich country. Any traveler coming to Iran has the ability to find a suitable place to stay according to his budget and preferences. The available accommodation in Iran includes luxurious hotels, boutique hotels or traditional hotels, local houses, hostels or eco-lodge. You can also experience the traditional style; sleeping on thick mats on the floor in a cottage, black tents or even under the stars. Although you can sleep in the middle of the desert, on top of a mountain, or a beautiful sandy beach coast, it is best to sleep outside with a local guide.

The main problem with booking accommodation in Iran is that online booking is not available due to the sanctions meaning that MasterCard and international bank cards don’t work in Iran; however there are some websites through which you can book your room or you can ask some travel agencies to book your room. While some travel agencies manage your whole trip, including accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and visa procedures; there are also travel agencies who offer hotel booking as a separate service.

No matter where you are planning to visit, be sure that we’ll provide you the reliable information to find affordable accommodation. Simply find your desired accommodation in the Hotel tab of the website, register your request, then we’ll contact you to confirm your request. Please consider that if your desired hotel is not available on the website, just send us an email including your reservation request.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily travel to Iran as an unmarried couple and stay in the hotel without even mentioning your relationship status or showing a marriage certificate.

You need to pay in advance, however you’ll be able to pay in two/ three steps. So, the hotel voucher will be sent in return. Be sure about the prices and the process.

Although Iran is a 4-season country, spring and autumn is the best time to visit Iran. Summer is the best time for travelling to the North and North-West of Iran, and winter is the best time for exploring south of Iran and Islands of Persian Gulf. The high-season in Iran is from March until May.

Espinas Palace Hotel, and Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel in Tehran

Abbasi Hotel, and Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel in Isfahan

Grand Hotel, Zandiyeh Hotel, and Darbe Shazdeh in Shiraz

Dad Hotel, and Moshir al-mamalek Garden Hotel in Yazd

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel, and Morshedi House in Kashan

Shahryar International Hotel, and Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz

Darvishi Royal Hotel, and Ghasre Talayi International Hotel in Mashhad

Dariush Hotel, Toranj Hotel and Marina Hotel in Kish Island