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Health Tourism refers to anyone traveling a foreign country to receive a wide range of medical, beauty and wellness treatments. Iran, as a developing country, is considered as one of the leading destinations of Health Tourism in the world; including the best healthcare specialists and natural resources. Statistics show that more than 600.000 incoming health tourists visited Iran during the first four months of 2019. Iran’s medical tourists are of two types: Some are travelers coming from neighbor countries; such as Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. Some are coming from developed countries; such as Australia, Italy, Russia, Norway, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

As well, Shiraz is a medical hub in south of Iran receiving thousands of tourists every year, due to its mild climate, cultural & historical attractions, eye-catching nature around the city, skillful specialists and surgeons, numerous public and private hospitals which are under close supervision of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Shiraz Medical Council.

Derak Shiraz is a responsible Iranian Tour, Travel and Medical agency based in Shiraz; offering high-quality medical, beauty and wellness services according to international standards. Our mission is to consider your medical condition carefully and prove what you are trying to achieve by help of the best Iranian medical centers.

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