Tashkooh: The Eternal Fire in Zagros Mountains


Have you heard anything about the mountains that burn naturally? Do you know how many of these mountains there are?
The most famous burning mountains are Mount Wingen in Australia, Yanar Dag in Baku and Tashkooh in Iran.

Tashkooh, literally means the firing mount, is a natural phenomenon. This mountain is famous for its permanent flames due to some geological reasons.
Why there are the flames? The sulfur vapors rise from the porous layer of the mountain surface and natural gases that permeate the air through some cracks in the ground and then ignite in the exposure to oxygen.

The interesting point you need to know about this area is that you can’t kindle the fire due to the large amount of gas. However, surprisingly, you can dig a small hole on the surface and after a few seconds, the flame will appear!
According to the reports, Tashkooh considered sacrosanct within the old times and in middle Persian. Called “Akhuraishnik” which means “The holy fire”.

In Zoroastrianism, it was “Zoohiat” which means “the immortal fire of hell” . They believed that it was one of the gates to hell.
It is suggested to visit this mountain during sunset and at nights since the flames make an astonishing view in the dark nights while people gather together around the fire and have fun.
Tashkooh is located in Zagros mountain range, Khuzestan province. It is near the pair of villages called Mamatin, between Ramhormoz and Izeh.


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