Nestled within the heart of Iran’s diverse landscape lies a geological masterpiece; Haygher Canyon. As we embark on a journey to explore this natural wonder, we will uncover the captivating beauty and rich cultural significance that define this Grand Canyon.
This natural wonder is a testament to the sublime artistry of erosion, as the canyon’s deep crevices and towering cliffs stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time.
Haygher valley looks like a large gap in a part of Zagros Mountain. It seems that this strait has initially formed by geological phenomena, and erosion, especially by the Qareh Aqaj River that passes through it, has changed its form into its current condition.

Haygher valley

Why this Canyon is called “Haygher”?

Did you know that Haygher Canyon was a battlefield in the past? Previously, the brave Qashqai people killed British soldiers who had invaded Iran’s territory in Haygher valley. Haygher literally means to kill and die, when the Qashqai warriors succeeded in killing the British soldiers, they shouted “Haygher” so that their comrades would know about this event.
You may see different spellings such as Haygher, Haigher, or Haiqer.

Geological Formation, Flora and Fauna

Haygher Canyon stands as a testament to the intricate dance between time and nature. Carved over millennia, its unique geological features tell a story of the Earth’s ever-changing canvas. The canyon’s mesmerizing formations are a result of a delicate interplay of wind, water, and geological forces, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle.
Haygher Canyon is not just a geological marvel; it is also a sanctuary for diverse plant and animal life. The resilient flora that carpets the canyon floor creates a vibrant tapestry, while wildlife such as birds and small mammals find refuge in this unique habitat.
Since this canyon is located in the Zagros Mountains, it has a vast variety of species, plants and herbs. The Grand Canyon of Iran and the Firuzabad region is one of the 8 places in this part of the world which has the most plant and herb variety. If you stand above the canyon and look down, you may not perceive this variety; but once you enter the canyon, you will notice so many trees, plants growing out even from hard rocks and stones. Fars Nomads use these herbs and plants for different reasons, for example, they would use this wild almond tree’s branches as a broom to clean their tent. By using these branches as a broom they have a bitter taste because the insects don’t enter their tent.

Firuzabad Canyon

Location and Access

Situated in the mesmerizing terrain of Iran, Haygher Canyon invites adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Its strategic location allows for relatively easy access, welcoming tourists to explore its wonders and take in the breathtaking views.
You’ll need to leave Shiraz toward Firuzabad (about 150 km) to find the Grand Canyon of Iran. It is located 36 km away from Firuzabad. This canyon is about 13 km in length and 450 meters in height in some areas.

View of the scenery at sunsent

Visiting Tips and Guidelines

Haygher Canyon is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and hikers, offering an immersive experience into the heart of Iranian wilderness. The echoes of silence are occasionally interrupted by the soft rustling of the wind, creating a serene ambiance that transports visitors to a world untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life.
For prospective visitors, it’s essential to approach Haygher Canyon with respect for its environment. Following guidelines for responsible tourism ensures that this natural marvel remains pristine for generations to come.
The journey to Haygher Canyon is not just about nature; it’s an immersion into local culture. Nearby areas offer culinary experiences that tantalize taste buds, and the hospitality of local communities adds warmth to the adventure.
Most of the travelers to this canyon prefer just to enjoy a breathtaking view easily reachable by car and a short walk. But some prefer an adventure in this canyon by hiking and rock-climbing into the canyon which needs at least a full day to be dedicated. Note that it takes about 2 hours of walking to get inside the canyon; which is a bit difficult and challenging without the necessary equipment and guidance.

top of the Canyon

Best Time to Visit

Understanding the climate is crucial for an optimal experience. The canyon’s weather varies, making certain times of the year more favorable for exploration. Planning a visit during the ideal season ensures a comfortable and enjoyable adventure. Since this site has a warm climate, it is best to visit it at the end of winter and during spring, when all the land is covered in green plants, and the river is full.

In conclusion, Haygher Canyon stands as a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature. Its geological wonders, coupled with cultural significance, create an unforgettable experience for those who venture into its depths. As we marvel at the grandeur of Iran’s own Grand Canyon, let it inspire us to cherish and protect the natural wonders that adorn our planet.


⦁ Is Haygher Canyon difficult to access?

Haygher Canyon is accessible with moderate ease, making it suitable for most visitors. However, some hiking may be involved.

⦁ Are there guided tours available for Haygher Canyon?

Guided tours offer a deeper understanding of the canyon’s history, geology, and ecological importance. The walking path is dangerous, especially if it is your first time visiting there. You will need to be accompanied by a professional group or a local guide.

Derak Shiraz Tour & Travel Agency offer guided tours considering your preferences as you wish.

⦁ Can visitors engage in rock climbing within the canyon?

Yes, rock climbing enthusiasts will find challenging opportunities within Haygher Canyon. However, they need to have a professional guide.

⦁ What is the best time to visit Haygher Canyon?

The ideal time for visiting this canyon is at the end of winter and during spring.

⦁ Is there an entrance fee for visiting Haygher Canyon?

No. It’s free.

⦁ Is there any attraction on Shiraz-Firuzabad road?

Yes. There are so many other tourist attractions on the way, such as Ancient city of Gor, Ardeshir Palace, Qal’eh Dokhtar, Fire temple of Firuzabad which are highly recommended.

⦁ Is there accommodation available near Haygher Canyon?

For those planning an extended stay, various accommodation options are available near this Canyon and Firuzabad. Some cozy guest houses like Il Yordi, El Savan, Tourist or Behesht Javid.



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