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Cities: Nature around Shiraz

In the age of technology and today’s modern world that most of our activities are dependent on machines and Internet, there are still those who have preserved their originality and unique lifestyle. People who migrate seasonally from south to north (and vice versa) in search of new pastures and meadows, set up their Siah Chador (Black tents) in nature, breathe the fresh air and raise their livestock. Waking up with the sound of sheep bleating and the jingling of the bells around their necks while the dawn slowly breaks over the wide sky over the mountain. What a mesmerizing experience!

The prominent feature that brought Nomads into Tourism Industry is their way of life. Nomads have kept their old traditions and customs in an incredibly attractive way for centuries and years, and this originality has become an attraction for the tourism industry. The nomads, child or elderly, man and woman start migrating and crossing the mountains, rivers, and plains along with their animals to reach the dense meadows two times a year. They live in black tents, men are shepherding in the morning, and women spin wool, weave carpets and rugs, cook, prepare dairy products, wash dishes, and raise children.

Nomadic tribes are scattered in all parts of Iran, and Qashqai tribes is one of the largest tribes in Iran and Fars province. The winter region of this tribe begins from Lar within the south of Fars province and proceeds along the southern axis of the province to near Gachsaran and Behbahan. The summer land boundaries of this tribe -except for a small group that spends the summer in the east of Dasht-e Arjan plain – extends to the west of Eghlid and Abadeh to the vicinity of Dena Mountain.

Join Derak daily Nomad Tour and have a unique memorable experience. You’ll have the chance of experiencing nomadic life style by participating in their daily activities such as cooking a traditional dish and try it and making bread. Join them while milking, yogurt making, butter making, spinning wools and carpet weaving. You will also get familiar with Nomadic culture, dress like them and discover nature. If you are eager to sleep in black tents with a nomad family, this extra service can be added. If Iranian people are hospitable, Iranian nomads are extremely hospitable.

  • Nomads are the main beneficiaries of these tours. A percentage of your payment goes directly to the local community and helps in developing their economy.





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Daily refreshments
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Professional Driver
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Professional English speaking tour guide
All costs of the guide and driver

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Any personal expenses such as laundry, mini bar, etc.

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