In recent years, the global transportation industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the emergence of innovative ride-hailing platforms. One such standout is Snapp, often referred to as the “Iranian Uber.” This tech-driven service has revolutionized the way Iranians commute, offering convenience, efficiency, and an alternative to traditional taxi services. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Snapp, its inception, impact, and how it works.

A Glimpse into Snapp Application

In the bustling streets of Iran’s cities, a revolution in transportation is taking place, and its name is Snapp. With similarities to the globally recognized Uber, Snapp has not only filled a void in the Iranian transportation market but has also become an emblem of modernization and convenience.


The Genesis of Snapp

Founded in 2014 by a group of Iranian entrepreneurs, Snapp emerged as a response to the inadequacies of traditional taxi services. Drawing inspiration from the success of Uber and other ride-hailing giants, Snapp quickly gained momentum and introduced a revolutionary concept to the Iranian populace.
Snapp’s advantages over traditional taxis are abundant. Predictable pricing, cashless transactions, and the ability to track rides in real-time contribute to a stress-free experience. Additionally, the rating system ensures a sense of accountability among drivers, fostering a culture of professionalism.

How does the Snapp application work?

Using Snapp is a breeze. With just a few taps, a ride can be secured, providing a level of ease that was previously unimaginable. You can download the application using, play Store or App Store.


After installing the app, create an account easily with an Iranian number. Then, input your current location and destination. The app connects you with nearby drivers, displaying details such as the rate, driver’s and car’s information which is in Persian language. You can ask a local to help you in translating the information.

Positive user feedback highlights Snapp’s ability to meet customer expectations. The ease of use, convenience, and affordability have led to high levels of user satisfaction.

Safety is a priority for Snapp. Stringent driver background checks, GPS tracking, and SOS features contribute to a secure ride experience for passengers.

The only problem you may face as a tourist is paying for your Snapp taxi. Due to international sanctions and limitations, foreign credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa Card do not work in Iran. Moreover, it’s not possible to change travelers’ cheques here. So, it’s essential to bring sufficient cash to cover your expenses during your stay in Iran.
Thus, you can pay in cash to the driver or simply ask a local friend, guide, or hotel receptionist to charge your Snapp’s wallet. So, each time, you can easily use your wallet and the fee will be deducted from your wallet.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

Snapp’s influence extends beyond transportation. It has played a role in creating job opportunities for drivers and support staff, thus contributing to the Iranian economy.
One of Snapp’s most remarkable impacts has been on gender roles in Iran. By providing a safe and reliable means of income, Snapp has empowered many Iranian women to become drivers, challenging societal norms and contributing to their financial independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Snapp available only in major Iranian cities?

Snapp’s services were primarily concentrated in major cities across Iran, offering urban residents convenient transportation options. However Snapp is now active in all 31 provinces of Iran and in 323 big and small cities of the country.

2. How does Snapp ensure passenger safety?

Snapp employs strict safety measures, including driver background checks, GPS tracking, and an emergency SOS feature, to ensure a secure ride experience

3. Can I pay for Snapp rides using cash?

Yes, you can pay the driver at the end of your trip in cash.

4. What sets Snapp apart from traditional taxis?

Snapp offers advantages like transparent pricing, real-time ride tracking, and driver ratings, enhancing user convenience and reliability.






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